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Setting the right price for a home for sale is a major challenge, especially since every home is unique and has its own story. Although there are general standards for setting the sales price, a personalised approach is needed to reach a fair amount for all parties involved in the transaction. There is a need for a thorough research into similar offers on the local market, plus the real estate agent’s knowledge that the price at which the property is listed will give it competitive advantages for a quick sale.


Study the latest similar offers


The real estate market is extremely dynamic, so you’ll need to have “fresh” data. Search the market, study similar offers in the area. Moreover, you could even visit some of the listed dwellings to get a clear picture of the price/fit ratio. This will allow you to make an objective evaluation of the property you want to sell.


Finishes matter


The buyer is very attentive to detail, so quality finishes are always a plus that has to be found in the sales price. Take care of upgrading your home before you sell it so that it gives you the feeling of a modern, ergonomic space designed to provide the best living conditions. The buyer’s behaviour changes from housing preferences that require additional investment to turnkey housing.


There are not two dwellings the same


You will surely find similar offers with the home you want to sell, but they will not be the same. That’s why the price will not be the same. It will record variations according to the objective advantages of a home to the detriment of the other. Sets the price according to these variables.


Ask the advice of a real estate agent


Consult a professional real estate agent such as Hassle-Free Home Sales. It will help you set a competitive price according to market realities.

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